Monday, January 30, 2012

Jan 29-31 FIJI

We got up super early (5:30am... we are on holidays so that is really early to us) to leave for the airport. Still a little rainy. Got everything into the suitcases and they are bulging with goodies and memories. Have had such a great time. Refreshing and relaxing. My heart is full after good times with family. I am reminded how much I love and appreciate each one of them and reminded where I came from and who I am. 
Stopped by Mum’s house for a last kiss and hug and then 2.5hrs to the airport. 
At the airport we were met by my Dad, Marissa, Mark, my brother Joni, Penny, Helena and Baby Evie. All come to say good-bye. We had some time together before we headed through security and onto the plane. About a 3 hr flight and we were in Fiji. 
We landed in Fiji about 5pm on Sunday 29th. Caught a taxi to our hotel. First Landing Resort, 25 minutes north of Nadi. Checked into our sea side buree and went to get our welcome drinks (fruit juice). Very nice with perfect ocean views. Of course we were straight off the pool after that. 
Started raining heavily overnight and hasn’t really stopped since. Not so bad, it’s warm and when you swim you get wet anyway. Explored the nearby Marina and counted tropical fish and crabs. Have had some fresh coconuts cut down from the tree for us. Met some lovely Australians holidaying here so we are staying entertained. 
We leave tonight (Tue 31st) to fly back to Phoenix AZ to stay with Rob’s parents for a little while before heading back up to IL to pack the house up and get ready to move. More adventures to come along the way. 

Drinking coconut milk from a coconut.
 Delicious dinner complete with flower.

Went into Fiji to do some shopping. Cooper found a cool chair but we couldn't fit it in our suitcase.
The store that has everything.

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