Wednesday, January 4, 2012

December 27th & 28th

This morning we got up really early to go up to Tin Can Bay so we could be there by 7:45 to feed the dolphins.  They have several wild dolphins that have been coming to this spot some of them since the 1950's to let people feed them.  For $2 you get a fish and if you can keep them away from the birds circling overhead you can feed them to the dolphins.  Really cool experience.  You can't even do that at Seaworld!
Cooper feeds the wild dolphin
Rob feeds the wild dolphins

Helena feeding dolphins
Joni and Rob waiting in line to buy fish to feed dolphins
Check this guy out (zoom IN)  He's wearing sun glasses, has readers slung around his neck and has a t-shirt on displaying glasses
Robyn feeds the dolphins

Tucker playing in the sand

Today was more fun time at the beach.  Rob went surfing.  In perfect conditions had a lot of really good long rides on the waves.  Let it ride.  Two more times this week he went surfing terrible conditions not nearly as much fun.  Kept going back like a heroin addict trying to get that next fix.  Took the four wheeler down onto the beach and drove along the beach.  Got to see all sorts of different beautiful colored sand this place Rainbow Beach is famous for and named after

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