Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 6th

We headed up to Jonathan and Penny Nalder’s in Kilcoy yesterday today we are headed up to Steve Irwin’s Australian Zoo.  I got up super early go for a run this morning. Ran all the way around Kilcoy and then stopped in to the newsagent for a paper.  While I was there a guy asked me if I would be interested in signing a petition to  send to the government to stop them from increasing the sand mines in the area.   I conjured up my best Aussie accent and said “I  think I can do that” and signed it for him.  I was glad I went for a run in stead of swimming.  They told me the swimming pool was open every day at 6:00 am but not today for some reason.  We had gone to the swimming pool the day before in Kilcoy and it was very nice, swam some laps.  
We headed off to see the Zoo.  The Crocoseum was now open which wasn’t there when  we came 8 years ago so that was neat to see.  Sadly though it was completed, Steve was no longer there.  The main show featured Terri, Bindi, and Bob Irwin.  The kids were there on school holiday.  They were still apologizing for Steve feeding the Crocs whilst holding infant Bob 8 years ago.  A nice time.  Went back to Pen and Jonny’s and put the kids to bed.
 Terri, Bob and Bindi Irwin at the Crocoseum
 Rob and Tucker feeding the kangaroos

 Cooper and his Koala
 Koala, Tucker, and Robyn
Tasmanian Devil.  No Yosemite Sam found anywhere.
Always good to get instructions at the zoo!

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