Monday, January 23, 2012

January 15th

We continue our journey of chance and destiny down to Melbourne to see the tennis tournament.  We stopped at a town called Gundagai to get a drink, buy some gas, and snap some photos with our Tucker.  There is a famous Australian poem called Dog on the Tucker Box that was set in this town, so we had to stop.  We stopped in a town called Holbrooke named after a British WW I submarine hero.  Therefore they have a submarine buried in the middle of the town hours from any water.   We had lunch and took some pictures.  We also stopped in Glenrowan the town of the famous last stand of Ned Kelly and his gang, the infamous bushranger of Australia.  Kind of the Jesse James of Australia.  They a well known for doning suits of iron hammered out of ploughs in their famous last battle.  There was a very good movie made about it starring the late Heath Ledger if you want to check it out you Netflixers.
Here it is Gundagai!  I can’t wait.

Tucker as usual very dedicated to his yoga, Rob blogging, Robyn supervising both.
Which way do we go to the dog on the Tuckerbox.
 Ok you non-Aussies here ya go, I had to ask too.  Tucker is a word for food, so tuckerbox is like a lunchbox.
Tucker in his appropriate “Me so Hungry!” t-shirt contemplating having himself one of them Tuckerbox Burgers!
And now for something completely unexpected, a submarine buried in the ground in the middle of Australia. 

Ned Kelly casts a large shadow in Glenrowan over Cooper, Aaron, and Tucker.

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