Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 8th

We went swimming in the hotel pool.  They had a really nice pool.  I got up before everyone else and used the eliptical machine in the gymnasium.  Joni and Penny made a really good breakfast for us and we headed up to the ginger factory.  We rode the kiddy railroad and took the gingerbread man boat tour around the world.  A kind of live action, animated “Where’s Waldo” with a gingerbread man.  Got some really good ginger treats while we were there including some ginger infused gummi bears.
Later we drove down to a northern suburb of Brisbane to see some old friends Ken and Leanne Baker, whom we’d met when they were doing an internship at Heritage Wesleyan Church in Rock Island.  It was great to catch up with them and see all the renovation they had done on their  home.  Kind of like us they are transitioning in life from something they had poured their heart and soul and family into for approx. 10 years to something new and different but still doing some of what they had been doing.  This worked in very well with a trip we would have had to make to Brisbane International Airport anyhow.  Somehow when we landed at the beginning of our trip we went through immigration and customs ok but they didn’t give us back all our passports.  I don’t know how we didn’t notice it at the time.  Maybe something to do with 18hours of travel with two young children.  Anyways a week after we got here I checked our passports ( I have no idea why as I had no reason to think we did not have them all ) and discovered we were missing Coopers.  Panic ensues.  Level heads thought back to the last time we knew for sure we had them all or handled them was at the airport when we landed in OZ.  We called the airport and yes they had them.  Another stroke of back luck or poor planning was this is probably the first trip we have ever taken that we did not take copies of all our passports with us.  J. and my sister-in-law Emily sent us a copy from home so we could show it at the airport.  Got it back problem solved.

 The Bakers at their house outside Brisbane with our boys.  Cooper,Jett, Ken, Leanne, Finn, and Tucker.

This is the coffee that Ken made for me.  He asked if I wanted one and said he made a not too bad flat white.  I thought anybody who is going to brag on his coffee making is not likely to disappoint.  And my intuition was justly served as it was fantastic.  It might almost convince you to buy one the those really expensive, horrifically expensive espresso machines that nobody ever uses because they only produce really awful coffees with it. 

 Helena, Cooper, The Gingerbread Man, Tucker at the Ginger factory in Buderum.
Gingerbread man at Mount Rushmore.

 Saw this in the front of the store at the ginger factory right as you walk in.  Not sure how politically correct this would be in the states.

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