Monday, January 2, 2012

December 21

First real day in Australia having all our faculties about us at least.  Nice weather.  We went down in the morning to Nanango to visit Robyn’s mom and see her new place.  She has a brand new flat she is the first one to ever live in it.  Nice garden.  While we were there the discussion came up about the boys desperately needing haircuts.  I put in my plea to have a go at cutting Cooper’s hair if I promised not to give him a buzz cut ( my preference ) Robyn’s mom had some shears at her house so I got to work and got busy.  What do you think for a first ever effort not bad eh?
 Trimming and blending in the sides
 A little off the back...


Final product - haircut accomplished!

Went into Nanango town to see Elray's families Jewelry shop. Got lunch at the 

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  1. Nicely done Rob!!! I've been cutting the boys hair (Tony's included) for quite a while now and mine don't always turn out so good! :o)

    Tell Angela hello!