Monday, January 2, 2012

December 18th

We finally are all packed.  I take the boys to shoot some more baskets, get the Element squished in mom and dad’s garage, turn everything back off, and lock the house down.  The lady shows up to take us to the airport.  Yeah!  We are off on our next journey.  The boys are extremely well behaved on both our trip to LAX and in the airport as well as the flights to FIJI and Brisbane.  They were in such good spirits and cooperative and listening.  They even had really good sleeps on the flight to FIJI.  We could tell there must have been a lot of people praying for us and them.  It is the only explanation.  The Next two days were basically travel.  When you fly this direction this far an entire day of your life just disappears.  We take off on the 18th and when we land 10 hours later it is the 20th.  Landed got our luggage.  Tucker was finally coming a little unglued a airport employee took pity on us and fasttracked us through all the security and  customs.  Arrived at Ruth’s house and did our best to chat and be social but all I could think about was a good sleep.  Good night.

Our welcome committee upon arrival in FIJI  then a couple hour wait and off to Brisee

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  1. I am so grateful travel was so good. What a blessing and answer to prayer! God is good.