Monday, January 16, 2012

December 29th

Today we spent some time going up to Fraser Island.  The world’s  largest sand island.  One of I believe the only places in the world that dingoes still live in the wild.  We kept a very close eye on our two boys to ensure that nobody would ever way to us “ A dingoe ate your baby!”  Had fun taking the ferry over.  $100 to take your car across on the ferry + $45 for a permit to take your car on the island.   Free to ride across on foot!  We took the latter option.  Compare this with the $8 to take our Landrover over the Mississippi on the the ferry.  Yikes!  
 Cooper and Aaron wishing they had remembered to drive off the beach before high tide.  Too much sand in the crankcase makes your Ute go kaput!
 The beach at Fraser Island Rob, Cooper, Tucker, Robyn
Ice cream eating on hot days in Australia is a real challenge for Cooper!
 The whole family at our Rainbow Beach Vacation Home


  1. Wild dingoes, eh? Cool! I am very glad no babies were eaten though!!!

  2. I just watched a quick video about the top 10 deadliest beaches, and fraser island was #2! Ranked so high due to deadly dingoes and spiders onland, and sharks and jellyfish in the water.