Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 4th

I spent the morning visiting with Granny Nalders chiropractor in Kingaroy named Chris Bowles.  He was working an associateship in his first year out of school.  I think he went to Macquarie University Chiropractic training.  They don’t  have separate schools over here except for one in Queensland that has the nerve to teach about the subluxation but they will probably be forced to give it up.  He used a lot of Osteopathic manpulation and was completely focused on pain and showed a sense of pride in trying to wean patients off his care as fast as possible and see them as little as possible as opposed to checking them for subluxation simply because of the knowledge that the simple presence of one is detrimental to one’s  health regardless of the presence or absence of pain or discomfort.  A posterchild for the education our colleagues are getting around the world that results in them not knowing what their purpose is or what chiropractic is. 
Luckily he was a decent manipulator and he rattled my bones and loosened me up and I  did feel quite a bit better.  I then scoped him and adjusted him.   It is always interesting to reciprocate with the manipulator type, thoroughly checking them for subluxation, precisely adjusting only these areas and then having them confusedly look up at you and say “ That’s it?”

Jonathan and Penny came up then later that day. 

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