Monday, January 23, 2012

January 17th

I got up really early and walked to McDonald’s for breakfast and a coffee and to use the internet.  It’s about the only way I’ve found to use the internet consistently and it is still highly unreliable.  After a lot of frustration I was able to upload about 2 pages in the amount of time I normally could do 10.  Not a complaint but a comment, but Australia is about 6-7 years behind the US in access, speed and reliability of it’s internet capability.  It is I think a huge roadblock to economic growth and increased productivity.  I met everyone else at about 10:30 for some bowling.  I think the boys had limited enjoyment out of this. I started with an 85 then went to 140 and 166.  Fast learner I guess in 45 minutes.  We made some lunch and then I really wanted to go to the Australian Open tennis tourney earlier than our night match tickets because local phenom Madison Keys originally of Rock Island was playing that afternoon in the first round.  
They dropped me at the train station to find my way downtown and the rest of them went to visit Granny Thodey.  I arrived at the tennis tournament and started asking questions to one of the workers about the different tickets and how to get in , where to go etc. and  a guy said look I can’t stay around to watch Roddick you can have my ticket to the Hisense arena.  It was a $50 ticket and since I had that I didn’t even have to pay to get in the gate.  I sat there and watched Andy Murray and then Roddick’s match I was in the 3rd row right behind Roddick’s coach Larry Stefanke and his wife Brooke Burke.  It was weird I kept thinking that Andy was looking right at me after every point but realized that he was looking at them.  I got to see Nadal practice and Roger as well.  Robyn, Ruth, and Elray had taken off after leaving the boys in the hands of Daniel Hart and made it down to the night session.  I met up with them and we went over to watch Madison Keys.  Poor Madison after being 2-2 I don’t think she won another game.  I was really hot that night  and stifling inside Rod Laver arena where we watched the Hewitt match.  Late night getting home but I hate to say it, really nice to have a evening out without the boys.
PBA tour here we come. Tucker and Cooper Scranton
Rob (self portrait ) watching his mate Andy Murray and Ryan Harrison 
Rafa Nadal goes through a practice session.

Roger Federer also likes to practice.

 Australian teen phenomenon Bernard Tomic after his 5 set first round match still practices.  He beat 3 top 20 players in the week before this tournament so we’ll see how he goes.
Robyn was asking why does Andy Roddick kept starring up at me after every point?! oh wait that’s his coach Larry in the bottom right corner of the frame and Andy's wife is sitting next to him. Maybe he's not staring at me. Whew!
 Madison Keys originally from Rock Island, IL loses in the first round
Robyn and Rob Scranton enjoying some tennis.  Isn’t  she beautiful! (Not attractive photo but proves we were there)

 Ana Ivanovic working on her form.
Lleyton Hewitt in first round action, Rod Laver arena.

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