Monday, January 30, 2012

Jan 26th- Australia day.

A lot of the next week was spent in Kingaroy relaxing and watching the Cricket and tennis on TV.  It was overcast and cooler (still 85-90oF) and rainy pretty much the entire week.  
We celebrated Australia Day on the 26th of Jan.  I asked everyone why they celebrate it on the 26th like did something significant happen on that day or something?  Nobody knew the answer except Robyn.  Interesting I thought, we mostly know that July 4th was the day we signed the Declaration of Independence from England.  It is as Robyn informed us the day Sydney was founded, the first White settlement in Australia. Anyway we went down and saw the whip cracking demonstration, Lamington eating contest, and Cane Toad races.  Got there to late to bid on a Cane Toad to enter into the competition. I also included various pictures of interesting and curious sites to me in this little Aussie town.

Afterwards we headed back to Ruth's for a family BBQ, Later in the afternoon we had a little surprise birthday party for Cooper and a cake for Robyn (birthdays are in February). Watching tennis and hanging out. Wanted to play cricket in the park but the weather was drizzly and too wet. 
 Cane Toads are in the can ready to be released. 

 Cooper's Aussie birthday party. 

 Happy Australia Day!!!

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