Monday, January 23, 2012

January 16th

We finally arrived in Melbourne last night finally.  We are staying at some longtime friends of the Nalder family through the Wesleyan church.  He is a pastor to the pastors and they are away for about 2 months and said we could stay there while we are in Melbourne.  Thank you Lord.  What a blessing to have all that space.  The MacLachlan’s are very nice people.  We all slept in after our long drive and leisurely went over to Monash Gardens to visit Granny Thodey and have lunch with her.  It was Tucker's first meeting with his Great-Granny. The girls did a little shopping and we then went over to Maurie Conry’s house (Robyn's Uncle) in the evening for a barbecue with the family.   We got to meet Mauries new wife, Jenny and the Hart’s joined us as well. Kids had fun playing with the older second cousins. Sorted out plans to attend the Australian Open Tennis and after a wonderful evening we took the tired children and ourselves back to bed.

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