Wednesday, January 4, 2012

December 26th

Big event for the day today was going to the Sand Blow at Rainbow Beach.  It's this sort of huge mountain that was created by sand blowing on the wind up over a cliff and the sand just keeps taking over the forest and trees.  We went sand sledding down the hill instead of snow sledding.  Feet have to worry about getting burned on the hot sand instead of frozen by cold.  We played games at night including a rousing game of iPad Monopoly.
 Rob & Robyn Scranton the Sand Blow ocean in background
 Tucker Scranton

 Rob after sledding down the sand hill

 Rob with Tucker wrapped around his neck at the top of the sand Blow getting ready for a sled down the sand hill

 Robyn Scranton at the top of the Sand Blow

 Rob & Robyn Scranton at the top of the cliff where the Sand Blow is at Notice how churned up the surf is ( the brown color of the water ) because of the Cyclone passing through

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