Friday, January 20, 2012

January 1st 2012

A new year!  What’s  in store for the Scranton’s.  It was a very eventful 2011 and seems hard to top but I think it will.  Lots in store.  We went to church on the new year day.  That was a good message.   Nice to be in church again.  With all our travel and different towns and not knowing the area ( I know I’m just making excuses and justifying ) we haven’t been to church in quite some time.  We spent the day just as a relax and don’t do anything day.  Big event of the day Rob stopped by the “World Famous Peanut Van” ;)  Apparently Kingaroy is the peanut capital of Australia. I bought some ginger and honey roasted peanuts.  Not joking now, they are some of the best tasting peanuts I have ever had.  

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