Wednesday, January 4, 2012

December 25

Ahh Christmas what can you say it's mostly all about the pictures and the day right.  It's all about the presents and you always have a good day  anyway

Tucker Scranton or is that Santa Clause ( Notice Cowboys and Eagles on Telly in background )
Cooper, Aaron, Tucker, Helena, Lylah Claus
Oops we'd forgotten Evie!

Tucker Claus getting dressed for duty

Photo session...?  Yeah alright I can do a photo session before I hand out the prezzies
This stockings a bit big but I'm digging all the stuff inside
Tucker and granny Nalder
Rob, Cooper, Aaron, Helena
Cooper Scranton and Granny Angela Nalder

Santa and helpers

Ivan Nalder Granpa, Rob Scranton, Cooper Scranton, Elray Brewerton

Tucker and his remote control train
Christmas dinner.  Rob says where's the Turkey and mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie

After presents time to hit the pool

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  1. I'd never seen a Santa outfit like that before Tucker's! And then I realized, "Oh, it's for the warm-weather Christmas in Australia!"