Monday, January 23, 2012

January 18th

We had a late night last night getting back from the tennis.  Daniel seemed to survive the boys and they were actually in bed when we got home.  We didn’t get an early start but we did head off to go see the downtown.  After much debate we decided to  take the train downtown.  We took the free tourist bus around to the MCG, had a look around and then went to Fitzroy Park and Captain Cook’s cottage.  That was a lot to see in the small time we had but it was good because we got our bearings for what was there and what else we might want to do.
 Captain Cook’s cottage in Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne.
Captain Cook and friends?  Hope Tucker doesn’t mind being the girl of the family just for a day.

 Yeah, finally here comes our trolley!
John Deere tractor as art. 

We did have to leave though because we were going to meet some relatives that I still had not met yet.  Uncle Wes and Paula Nalder,(Ivan’s brother) and their daughter and granddaughter’s.  We went out to a restaurant that one of the girl’s was working at.  Good food and really nice people.  I enjoyed talking with Wes.  He still plays tennis in his 70’s and had lots of interesting stories about his road rally racing days.  He did one from London to Australia, they drove straight through from London to the southern tip of India and I liked his description of driving across Iran and all the cars blowing up in 120 degree heat.  Nice to finally put a face with the names. 
 Blue tongue Ice cream.

 Robyn Scranton and her Aunt Paula Nalder
 The family get together at Tulky’s.

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