Monday, January 2, 2012

December 22

Got some more good sleep.  It was a good day.  We caught up with Robyn's dad. We hadn't seen him since Robyn and I went to Shenyang, China on a mission trip in I think it was 2003.  His wife Marissa and he were living in GuongJuao and took a 30 hour train trip up to see us and work with us in the mission.  They had just moved back to Australia a little over a year ago.  So we also got to meet Marissa' son Mark who they were able to bring over to OZ about one year ago from the Phillipines.  So the boys had a great time playing together pretending to shoot baskets and jumping on the trampoline.  I think this is the same trampoline that Robyn played on as a child.  Te mat has been replaced but that's pretty good long term performance for a piece of play equipment.  They also got involved in helping make and decorate the christmas cookies.  Dad Nalder and I got in a deep discussion ( we thought, observers felt it more an argument ) over the merits of China socialist nanny-statism vs. free enterprise / capitalism.  Not sure I got across the idea that I am for free enterprise and no interference from the Gov't not that I am necessarily a capitalist as this is an encouragement to the government to set up special rules for large corp's which fosters monopolies.  Not the friend of free enterprise.

 Decorating cookies for Chrissy!
 Ivan shows website to Rob about the demise of the USA.  Stokes patriotism in Rob and ensuing discussion over merits of Socialism vs. self determination to the dismay of all in the household.  They say you should never discuss religion or politics when you're visiting people.  OOPPS!
The girls set a timer to end the discussion. So we went outside to play with the kids.
  Hey Cooper and Mark are eating the Christmas cookies and it's not even Chritmas yet!
The boys enjoying a bit of a bounce in Ruth and Elray's backyard

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