Monday, January 23, 2012

January 19th

We dropped the boys off at the Hart’s in the morning and took the train downtown again.  The Brewerton’s went to the markets and we went to the famous MCG ( Melbourne Cricket Ground ) and took a tour of the facilities and learned some of the history of it all.  I talked the guy into giving us a 20% discount on our tickets.  This was fun and I learned that if I got on the waiting list today I might get an invitation to join the Melbourne Cricket Club in 20 years.  We then went over to the tennis right across the street.  We again scored a free ticket from someone leaving for Rod Laver arena.  Got to see Serena, Djokavic win handily in there.  Had a nice day.  Watched the Bryan brothers play doubles.  I guess it’s our tradition to watch them now at Grand Slam events since we also saw them play at Wimbledon.  One disappointment was that we got here too early to see any of the legends matches.  We really enjoyed that at Wimbledon.  In the evening the Brewerton’s had to leave to meet up with some rellies and so Robyn and I left the tennis went back across the street to the MCG to watch the Big Bash or 20/20 cricket.  I got to see my first ever cricket match and at the MCG.  Too bad it was soo cold that even with jackets on we left after the 1st innings because we were freezing.  Bizarre, it’s the middle of summer here and yesterday people at the tennis were succumbing to heat stroke?! just across the street.  Anyway it fun to say we’ve done it.  As far as entertainmentwise, going to a Riverbandits game is one heck of a lot more fun.
 Doubles sensation Bob and Mike Bryan in action at the Australian Open.
Rob and his buddy Pat Rafter.  I was told that wearing this shirt and going into an Australian cricket ground could get you in hot water.  Luckily it did not as I donned my recently acquired OZ Open jacket to wear to the cricket.
MCG and the Big Bash.  Shane Warne bowls for the Melbourne Stars in Green. 
Interestingly this stadium was also the main stadium for the opening ceremonies, etc. at the 1956 Olympiad although it is much older than that the Melbourne Cricket Club was founded in 1838.

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