Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 7th

We got the cars packed and prepared to leave Kilcoy for the Sunshine Coast at Mooloolaba.  Joni got a hot last minute deal for 1/2 price accomadation in a holiday house.  On the way down to the coast we stopped in a town called Meleny to make some lunch in a park that overlooked the Glass House mountains.  Really pretty view over the valley and out to the mountains.  I guess they were called taht because someone on one of Captain Cook’s s journeys thought they looked like the big kilns used for glass making in England.  There was also the remnants of a rainforest there.  Most of it had been felled by loggers during a time when people weren’t near so concerned about preservation. The rainforest was really cool.
 In the rainforest the trees have tentacles!  Robyn, Tucker, Joni, Penny

Picture of the glass house mountains from our picnic spot.

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