Saturday, February 11, 2012

Catching up from the last couple of weeks...

Since we came back from Australia we have been staying with Rob's parents in Mesa, Arizona. We arrived back on Tuesday night (Jan 31) and On Thursday (Feb 2nd) Rob flew to Florida for a conference. He returned to hear the results on the Superbowl on Sunday night.
While he was gone the boys and I amused ourselves with school, parks, visits to the local Water Reserve to watch the birds and inspect cactus and playing basketball.
The day after we returned we found out that the people who wanted to buy our house were ready to move ahead with the purchase. (We had signed a contingency agreement with them back in November and they were waiting to sell their house). So with that news our time in the sun has been cut a bit short as we are now headed home Sunday (12th) to start packing the house for the move to Utah.
For all the times we have been swimming in the last months Tucker has been content to play on the steps of the pool. Never quite brave enough to let us take him deeper. Since being in AZ Rob has been taking the boys daily and in 10 days he is almost swimming by himself. Cooper is our little fish and Rob has taught him to swim. He loves to jump in and dives to the bottom, so it seems that Tucker is trying to be like his big brother and making good head way at it. I love to watch them swim and the joy they get out of it. Rob has treasured the special time and being the one to teach them. I have been in the pool too I just like to take a few moments to myself too.... other mums you understand.
Last Tuesday, Rob's dad watched the boys and we went hiking with his mum. We love to hike in AZ and  it's always a beautiful time and we enjoy some quiet moments together looking at amazing scenery.
We've squeezed countless oranges to make delicious orange juice. Enjoyed Pei Wei (Asian restaurant) as often as we can. Rob and I have seen some movies: the late showing, meaning we get home at 12:30- 1am.... Played tennis and basketball, used the remote controlled cars and an undetermined amount of batteries. For the first time in many years we are pretty stress free, able to focus on the boys and each other.
Through this whole process of putting ourselves and our plans in God's hands he has revealed things just one step at a time. We came back to the USA thinking we'd be doing some more open houses to sell the house but God took care of that. We are in awe at his faithfulness. Not sure the exact plan for moving out to Utah (buy a house, rent a house, which suburb to do that in...?) but God has clearly shown us the path to walk so we are relaxing in that when we need to know he'll tell us.
This time away has been huge for the 4 of us. Our family is stronger and so much more relaxed. The boys have been fantastic and adapted to every new situation. They are used to sleeping in different beds and eating different food. We are really proud of them. I love my family. I love my boys and I know them so much better. Tucker has developed into a beautiful boy, he loves to laugh and play with cars and planes. He has a twinkle to his eyes that melts your heart and makes you do almost whatever he asks. He is more relaxed than a few months ago. He wants to do everything his big brother does and they are good friends. Cooper is inquisitive and loves a good joke. He is a careful big brother and much more at peace being and playing by himself. I can see his mind thinking about things and everything usually comes back to basketball or football. They are both eagerly awaiting the trampoline we have promised when we are settled in a new house.
We are driving home Sunday (12th) and will be back in the Moline by, we hope, afternoon on Wednesday (15th). We are leaving the RV here in AZ and once we are in Utah we'll come down here and get it. We have allowed time for distractions and frequent stops for the boys. Our house closing is March 16th so we have just over 4 weeks to pack everything. Before you panic for us, we had done a lot of purging and some packing prior to leaving last November so the task will be a little simpler.
Thanks for walking this journey with us.. stay tuned for posts from the road.
- Robyn

 Rob's parents house in AZ. 
 Hiking with Rob's mum and her hiking group.
Relaxing half way through the hike.
 We made it. 6 miles and still smiling.
 The boys hanging out in the wagon. 
 Goggle boys!
 Our #2 fish.
 Almost all looking. 

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  1. Dr. Scranton, thank you for keep us updated with your adventure I surely enjoyed reading them. Why you are moving to Utah?