Sunday, November 20, 2011


November 19. As I was falling asleep last night I thought to myself I wonder if it's a bad idea to have the key still turned in the on position so we can keep the car in neutral as we drive. Forgot to turn it off. Too tied to go check.
Should have checked on the car. Dead battery. Lesson learned. Spent awhile trying to track down a neighbor with a battery charger and finally found one. Need to buy a fast charge Rococo battery charger.5 minutes we had the car going and ready to head to the US Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio. Then time to unhook the car from the RV. Had a difficult time getting it off the hitch. Need to purchase hammer and screwdriver. Finally, off to Dayton.
Boys are super tired. Day may not go so well.
We got tobthe Airforce musuem in time to get tickets to the Presidental tour at 11:15am. Headed to the cafe to feed the boys and hope they improve after they have eaten. Everyone feeling better we were off to look at planes.

The Presidental tour took us through Air Force One planes that flew Kennedy back to Washington after he was shot and Roosevelts plane with elevator. Boys enjoyed going inside the planes. Fasinating to see all the research type aircraft. Continued looking through the museum after the tour. Jury was right could have spent two days there. I was looking at the World War I planes and Robyn called me and said where are you we're just about done? I said I was almost done too. I've seen the World War II planes and almost all the World War I planes. She told me I still had 3 hangers to go but time was up. After 5 hours the boys had reached their plane max and were ready to go. Back to Gerry's house and we went to get Kababs at a Mediterranean restaurant. Watched the DVR of the Illini football game. Oh Illini... Lost. Had a great timing catching up with old an friend from kindergarten. Museum was awesome. Loved it. Good start to our three month adventure!

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  1. I am so jealous you got to this museum - well down for making the effort and I'd love to see more pics!