Friday, November 25, 2011

Nov 23

Slept in a little and was awoken by the boys playing down stairs. Made them some breakfast and got ready for a fun day of exploring Chattanooga.
Didn't leave as early as we would have liked but hey we are on vacation.
Went down to the AMC home office to see Jeremy and say Hi to Dr. Owen. Kids enjoyed hiding and running around.
Decided to skip the Aquarium as we realized school was out and it was probably going to be nuts there today.
Went out to the Chickamauga Battle field instead. Trying to teach Cooper about the American civil war. Realized I, Robyn was not the one to be explaining this. The reasons for the war I get but the who did what where... confusing. They had a great museum and movie explaining the significance of the battle. We then drove around the fields. Reminded us of Gettysburg and was sad to think of all the young men that had died where we were walking. Boys tried on some civil war uniforms. I forgoed $6.95 for a magnet. Gulp.
Climbed one of the memorial towers. The boys counted the stairs, 110 in a circular staircase to the top. Tucker proudly walked up and down all of them himself. He is all about 'Me do.' We were proud of him.
Had Cooper and Hayes pretend to be the North and South and we'd shout charge and they would run at each other and wrestle each other to the ground. Also, had them practice being messengers since they didn't have cell phones in those days. Was pretty funny to watch them.
Let the boys run off extra steam at a park before returning to the Brubaker's for another wonderful supper.
Made plans for our first Thanksgiving meal cooked without immediate family at hand. Stayed up way to late with good conversation.

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