Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nov. 22

Tuesday. We got up nothing terribly exciting. Left the wigwam motel. We asked Siri (iPhone app) where the nearest McDonalds was so we could get on the road fast. She found us a location quite close. She found us a Starbucks too but it was 76 mls away. Guess I'll make our own coffee. In McDonalds, felt like we were in a different world surrounded by thick southern accents.
Stopped at the National Corvette Museum and Rob and Tucker went in while Cooper and I worked on school. Tucker seemed to enjoy himself since he does have a thing for cars. Corvettes run in the blood of Scranton's.
Headed off to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Another horrible drive with pouring rain and gusting winds and just when it can't get any worse it does. The fog rolls in and we are driving through mountains. Tucker nodded off after a little while.
Made it to our friends, the Brubaker's house around 4:35pm.  Great to see old friends and enjoyed talking to them late in the evening. Rob very sorely needed an adjustment from Dr. Jeremy - I feel so much better now.
Their son, Hayes is a little older than Cooper and to was fun to have the boys playing together after all these years. They really got along well together and Tucker was happy to have a fresh box of cars to play with.
Sleeping in doors for the next few nights.

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