Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nov 20

Had a great sleep last night. Boys played Wii football as the fighting Illini and We got ready to go. We drove down to Petersburg Kentucky to see the Creation Museum. Missed the road to turn into the musuem and couldn't turn around. Gps showed us a route but it took about 30 minutes and we say a lot of Kentuky. Back on track we found the musuem and follwed the path od dinosaurs to the parking lot. It's an awesome museum. Really great to see explanation for your kids that matches the Bible. Explained in a common sense way. The boys really enjoyed it. Especially all the dinosaurs. A must see for all families. Enjoyed all the exhibits. Will go back one day to see the full size Noah's Ark to be opened in 2014.
By the time we got underway and decided how far south we could get it was well and truly dark and rainy. And it stayed rainy (and dark). Decided to pull off at a rest stop north of Louisville, Kentucky. Headed to bed early since there isn't much to do at a rest stop in the pouring rain.

Saying good-bye to the Saunders.

(Adam in the Garden of Eden. )

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