Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nov 18

November 18. Got the kids in the car and fully loaded. Got the dinghy car hooked up to the motorhome and we are ready to go. Gave hugs to mom and dad and and final instructions. Went to pull away... Oops... feels like we are dragging something. oh forgot to put the car in nurtral. Must remember to put the car in neutral before you go down the road. That done away we go. Good-bye Quad Cities. 8 Hours to Cincinnati Ohio, one stop to refuel. A lot of wind all the way into Indiana. Feels like we are a giant sail with a small sail attached at the back. Boys did pretty well on trip. Staying with Gerry Saunders family, an old high friend. Cooper found that they have a college football game for the Wii. Was excited to get to play Trey Saunders as the fighting Illini. Boys got to bed kind of late. Guess we'll see how tomorrow will go.

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