Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nov. 21

We awoke to the sound of continuous rain.  Oatmeal for breakfast and decide to skip Louisville Slugger Museum. Called the Museum and was told traffic very severe in Louisville and they couldn't tell us where to park an RV with towed vehicle. The thing we have learnt so far is that you can't back up the rig so we are avoiding confined spaces. Continuing down I65 we stopped to see Abraham Lincoln's boyhood home and his birthplace. Gave Cooper his history lesson and he soaked it up. Asking lots of questions. We went down to the creek where Abe almost drowned as a boy and Cooper enjoyed seeing the things we have been reading about. History come to life. Very interesting since we're from Illinois. Bought magnet to add to collection $2.95.
Head on down to Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. Great chance to view the worlds longest cave system. Didn't have enough time to explore the full length but we took a 2 hour tour that took us 320 ft under ground into massive underground rooms. Boys complained at first but the tour guide told a lot of stories and they got bored. Once we started crawling and squeezing they were happy. Tucker insisted on walking most of it and we were impressed at his 3 year old energy.
Came out of the caves and .... it's chucking down rain and dark. National parks aren't lit well so Rob picks up Tucker and starts to run uphill for the 1/2 mile back to the car. All of us soaked when we got back to RV.
Couldn't justify spending $4.95 on a magnet (that's our souvenir from each place we go to) so bought a key chain instead. Now regretting that... oh why did I not just pay the extra $3. -Robyn
Rob fulfilled a long time wish and we stayed in the WagWam Motel (see pictures) in Cave City. Not exactly the lap of luxury. In fact I don't think they have done any updating since they were built in 1937. Robyn not overly impressed with this choice of accommodations but she graciously slept inside with me and the boys. Beds were so old that Robyn and I spent a lot of time together in the middle of the bed.
The ironic thing was American Indian themed motel was owned by an Asian Indian man.

 Replica of Abe Lincoln's boyhood home.
Knock, knock, anyone home?

Monument is on the site where Abe Lincoln's family lived at the time of his birth. 

Walking into Mammoth Caves.

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