Thursday, December 15, 2011

Since the last post...

We have just entered the state of Arizona. Will be in Phoenix tomorrow night (Friday).
Been a good trip. Stopped at The Alamo in San Antonio yesterday. Cool. It's dark we are going to Tombstone AZ for the night and a little exploring tomorrow.
When you hear that there is 300 million + people in the US. That just seems like a big number. Having been a lot of places in the last 4 weeks that number seems more realistic. Having crossed the country where for miles in Texas you see nothing but desert we realize how massive this land is. So diverse from the mountains in South Carolina to the swamps of Louisiana to the desert mountains in New Mexico. Pioneers sure had their work cut out for them to create what is here today.

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  1. I like your thoughtful reflection on the size of the population vs the amount of land. Couldn't agree more. Been thinking about you friend.