Monday, December 5, 2011

Dec. 4

Last night Cooper and I (Rob) decided to check out this Festival of Lights thing in the park here in.  I am not exactly what you would call a big going to see Christmas lights kind of a guy but this thing was so over the top.  They say it is one of the top 10 Christmas light displays in the country and I believe it.  Wow!  Then Cooper and I made a fire, burnt some marshmallows,  and got really smoky smelling before we went in to snuggle with mommy, cause mommy's love that sort of thing.  Well maybe not but 6 year old and 40 year boys do.  This morning we found our way to downtown Charleston took a riding carriage tour of all the historic areas.  Amazing to see this whole city flash frozen in time somewhere between 1730 and 1800.  Just nothing like it.  I could spend days exploring all the side streets, nooks and crannies and reading every historical sign on every building because there is one on every building.  Then we found out there was a Christmas parade through the middle of town, so we sat and watched that.  3 hours is a bit long for a parade, especially when 90% of it seems to be fire trucks, cub scout troops, various dog humane groups.   Anyways my opinion, aside the boys loved it.  Great to see a Christmas parade in a t-shirt.

Got groceries tonight, had to endure going through the festival of lights again before we could make it back to our campsite.  The boys helped me as I made my first attempt at cooking hamburgers over a wood fire.  Very good, turned out well.  burgers had a very wood smoked flavor to them.

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