Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dec 1

The christmas lights are strung around the interior of the RV. We even have 2 stockings hung by the door and an advent calendar to begin the countdown. Cooper is very excited. Tucker is still singing Happy Birthday. 
Today we left Williamsburg on a chilly but sunny morning. We headed south to Norfolk. Rob wanted to visit the USS Wisconsin battleship. They also had a nautical museum with naval history. Norfolk has some large navy bases and Coast Guard bases and it looked like they were either making or fixing navy boats. A cool area. The museum was really cool. Really interactive for kids. They had an old bridge set up that the boys could climb around on, push buttons, turn the wheel, sit  in the captains chair. Cooper went around bossing Tucker to do this and that. Apparently we had run out of gas and needed to fill up again.
We spent awhile playing simulators of airplanes and boats. Learnt how rivers work by racing boats down a simulated river, and saw the ugliest, bright green eel. What else... Cooper used an underwater submarine to pick up chains out of the sand, use morse code and they got to touch a horseshoe crab. Then we went onto the boat... the boys enjoyed running around the deck and we went into the mess hall and some of the officers quarters. Up and down the steep ladders trying to keep Tucker away from the edge. The USS Wisconsin was retired shortly after the first Gulf War. One of the hosts on the boat served on the boat during the Korean War and had some interesting stats to share with us. Really nice guy who obviously had a passion for this ship.
Back in the RV we made peanut butter sandwiches for lunch and were headed to Kitty Hawk, NC. Arriving about 4pm on the outer banks, we stopped at the visitors center for information and then found a Walmart to park the RV. We got a tip from the attendant at the Visitors center on a good restaurant so that’s where we went to eat. We are on the Atlantic ocean so seafood was on our menu. The Black Pelican restaurant (right on the beach. But it’s cold and dark so no views) was once a lifesaving station and the place where the Wright Brothers sent the telegram telling their father about their first flights. 
Rob ordered crab legs and the boys had fun watching him eat them. Cooper finally ate some crab and said it was very yummy. Funny kid, it took him the whole meal to get the courage to eat it. We played with a crab nipper (claw). Tucker thought that was so funny  and we laughed as he tried to nip us and make funny faces. It brought us a lot of laughs and silliness. 
Back in the RV we are watching a documentary on the Wright brothers getting ready for our visit to the place they first flew tomorrow. Should be fun. 
 Christmas in the RV.
 Trying on sailers uniforms.

 Crab for dinner.
 Tucker loved playing with the crab claw. He would say 'ouch, ouch, ouch.'
Crab attack!


  1. What a festive little home you have. Love all the crab antics too!