Monday, December 12, 2011

Dec 6-11

We've been having so much fun we haven't had a chance to update our page.
So here we go...
We stayed in Charleston SC for 2 days, exploring the historical downtown. We took a tour on a horse drawn wagon and did some looking in the Market that has been continuously in use for a couple of hundred years. We also went on a ferry tour out to Fort Sumpter where the first shots of the civil war were shot. Boys enjoyed the ferry ride.
THe ferry to Fort Sumpter left from a national Naval Museum. We were able to tour the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier. That thing is huge. Wonder how many sailers got lost on that thing.
We stayed at James Island County park and it was a great experience. A huge recreational area and huge RV/ Camp park. They have one of the top 10 Christmas light shows and it was quite the show. Each evening as we drove to the RV we had to drive threw the light show and the boys got so excited at the lights. A lot of the RV's had Christmas lights outside and it was all very Christmassy....
After getting a lot of laundry washed we were off down the coast headed to Florida.
Tuesday night we drove into Cocoa beach right at sunset. We unhooked the Element and raced to the beach. What was I thinking.... The boys were wearing shorts and I told them not to get wet. The boys splashed in the edge of the waves, Tucker was running from the waves, laughing and having a great time. We were doing ok, just a little wet, then about 1 minute before we started back to the car Tucker trips and gets dunked by an incoming wave. I ran in (in jeans) to get him out and now we are all wet. Tucker was soaked and sandy, Coopers pants were wet and so was I. Tuckers first beach adventure. Good thinking, I had put a towel in the car, I figured someone would get wet but not drenched. It was all a lot of fun anyway.
Wednesday (9th) We visited the Kennedy Space center. Not to much exciting stuff that day. The space center was good but we spent a lot of time on the kids space playground. We took a tour and saw the launch pads and even got to see one of the Shuttles in the hanger (from a distance).
We then drove into Orlando where we parked the RV at the hotel and Rob went to the airport to get his Mum who was joining us in Orlando for 5 days.
Later we checked into the Buena Vista Palace and relaxed into a comfy bed. Cooper was happy to not share a bed with Tucker :)
 Eating breakfast. It was very sunny.

 Lights at the Christmas light show in Charleston SC.

 Fort Sumpter as we approach on the ferry.

 Inside Fort Sumpter

 Cannons at Fort Sumpter. 

 Rob posing on the 'gun' on the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier. 

USS Enterprise aircraft carrier.

 Tuckers sandy face after being dunked at Cocoa Beach. 

NASA launch pad in the background.

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