Monday, December 5, 2011

Dec. 5

Cooper had been begging and begging me to go bike riding, so right after showers this morning we went and rented them for an hour.  I realized that this was the first time we had ever been bike riding together which makes sense given my not owning a bike.  Kind of neat.  Amazing place for a county park.  Then Robyn and I worked on computers and printing our contracts.  Even camping you can't escape technology these days.   While we were doing that the boys we outside throwing ash from the previous nights fire on one another, making an absolute mess of one another.  9:00 am and already on outfit #2 for the day.  We decided to go see Fort Sumter and the aircraft carrier Yorktown since the ferry to Fort Sumter was leaving right next to the Yorktown.  this was an eventful day for me with all the history books I've read over the years.  I think visiting all the Battlefields on our trip is even starting to rub off on Tucker this morning I caught him pretending to shoot his brother with a crayola crayon.  That aircraft carrier was so huge.  fort Sumter was really an experience to see.   The battles in and around this harbor in the Revolution and Civil War are so numerous and pivotal in the wars and history of warfare.  It was here that the major battle in the Hollywood movie " Glory " took place.  I have tried grits, southern bar-b-que, mint juleps (you can keep it ), Sweet tea, Cooters pizza from a gas station.  Have not tried boiled peanuts!  What is the deal with that.  It's everywhere even the gas stations have boiled peanuts.  Sittin there just boiling away about like we have nacho cheese and chips at quicky marts they got vats of boiled peanuts.  I have detailed knowledge of this because we buy a lot of fuel.

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