Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dec 3.

Now that I have an advent calendar I am better at knowing the daily date. Phew!
Today, Williamston, NC to Charleston, SC. Not to exciting on the drive down. We did school on a Saturday (don't tell Cooper it's Saturday) and read about Abe Lincoln.
See photo below... cheap gas and we bought a pizza and despite it being from a gas station it was pretty good. Wasn't much else around to eat and we are getting a little tired of sandwiches. A nice change.
This gas was in South Carolina. Our lowest yet. We stopped at the SC visitors center and got some good tips particularly on a camp ground to stay at near historic Charleston. We made a quick reservation and were thankful because it was the last one. There is a Christmas lights festival this weekend so that is why it is busy.
We were told to go to Boone Plantation. That of all the plantations we had to visit this one. Should have told the lady that last Saturday we were at Biltmore (Americas largest house and estate). Though Boone Plantation was impressive in it's 300 year history it was mediocre. Glad we had a coupon but still not worth $17 per adult. A lot of things closed for the season even though the season feels like spring in the midwest.
Most exciting event at Boone Plantation: as we are walking from the RV parking lot to the house (RV parking is far away from regular parking) I was pushing the stroller with Cooper in it (yes, Cooper in it) and Tucker was wandering around behind us, as he does and I turn around and Tucker is squatting down in the middle of an ant hill... fire ants we were told later. I ran over and grabbed him, getting ants on me. He had had his hands in the dirt. I started brushing them off, yanked his shoes off and threw them away, yanked his socks off and considered the pants too. Rob had gone back to the RV for something so I started yelling for him and he came running. After a few frantic moments, we got them off of him and Rob threw his shoes on the grass until they were ant free. Surprisingly, Tucker only had 4 bites on his hands, Rob 1 and I 1. Cooper made note he was the only one not bitten and thought the whole thing was quite comical. Thankful that the bites didn't hurt to much, Tucker seemed unbothered by them. Curious and fearless = Tucker.
The trees were really cool. The stuff hanging from them is what you think of when you think the South.
We'll spend a few days exploring Charleston and then head to Florida.

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